Less Costly.   More Secure.  Consensus controlled.

Trust math.

Digital currency started with Bitcoin and is a new way of determining the authenticity of a transaction via a consensus on a secure network.

This removes two otherwise necessary middlemen, banks and governments. The currencies are minted and authenticated by the network securely and publicly.

Because of this, no individual or group has more access to transaction data than the public, and without middlemen, the costs are fractions of the current standard.

Extremely low transaction fees
No central point of failure
No charge-backs
No counterfeiting
Controlled by consensus
Virtually instant transactions
Efficient and streamlined


Highly innovative and anonymous


Proof-of-Work  Proof-of-Stake  Proof-of-Burn Anon

"There Is no Box" Mentality is what brought KORE COIN to the Forefront of Full Transaction Anonymity. KORE was first to Implement ground breaking Code that fully incorporated TOR including a Functional PoS Wallet. Kore will be the first to integrate a true ANON VoiP using Æther FIRE. A Unique PoBA Feature will go beyond the Pale to grab the "Holy Grail" of what Anonymous should Be. It's so Effective that it saves Time, Electricity and Dangerous Bloated Centralized Services. No Need for Zerocoin/Zerocash which are both Non Functional and won't be for a long time due to the need to rewrite the entire code. No need for Ineffective Mixers that ones are or have created complex computer programs to organize them. KOREbay based upon the Openbazaar project will be loaded with thoughtful Innovative Features. First to include Æther Kripton FIRESURF an ANON Browser that you can surf the net with that's even more secure than using TOR. KORE Looks Forward to being the First in 100% ANON Full Spectrum Tech. and Decentralized Services to provide one thing. Peace of mind. The way it should be and was meant to be. Join the Revolution and Experience the "Power of Satoshi". Go, KORE STRONG!

No Premine, No IPO
Proofs: Network-Stake (PoS) - Anonymous Burn Destroy (PoBA)
Min Stake Time of 1 hour, Max Stake Time of 8 hours
PoW ended at Block 100.000, Mined 1,200,000 KORE
Minimum Transaction Fee: 0.01 KORE
RPC Port: 28555, P2Port: 28556
Confirmations: 10, Maturity: 30

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Financial Support

All donations will be matched by the team. Please donate to the Bitcoin Address: 13xcUHggtpUcip2bZT4wd9FcK3PENNv3oD


KORESURF is an ANON browser link on the Kore wallet that will run on the Æther OS FIRE Security Software. This allows you to surf the net even more securely than using TOR.


VoIP 4.0 ALPHA version release announcement when completed. The Alpha version doesn't have the VIDEO feature. VIDEO will be available in the 4.0 BETA version which will include video calling.

PoBA is still being considered and an announcement will be made upon the final decision.



We have fixed all issues, added TOR for anonymity of connections for PoS staking.
We have many Irons in the Fire that will be made public or released when they mature or the timing is right so stay tuned.